Marshall Abrams
email: mabrams at uab dot edu, marshall at logical dot net
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Web software
Small pedagogical and exploratory programs I've written that that run in web browsers.
For source code, and for other projects, see my github repositories.

Animation illustrating the relationship between Copernicus' and Tycho's systems

Animated schematic version of Copernicus' model of the motion of Mars (based on DeWitt's Worldviews fig. 14.1).

lescent: diagrams for teaching coalescent concepts

The effect of selection on a linked neutral locus

an implementation of Bogacz's (2015) free error minimization model of perception

fun: not a model of anything

Note: Some of the software I used to construct these programs needs capabilities that might not be available in older web browsers.
(Please accept my apologies if your browser won't run one of these programs.)

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